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Three movies/documentaries to watch if you are sitting on the fence about veganism or need motivation to make the transition..

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (can be watched for free on hulu)

If you want a WHY IT'S GOOD FOR PERSONAL HEALTH message, start here.

This movie is about an Australian man who was working hard for wealth and forgot about his health. In the process, he became very overweight and developed an auto-immune disease in which he had to take many pills every single day. He literally was fat, sick, and nearly dead. He got the idea to take his health back by going on a 60-day juice fast while traveling around the world and speaking to people in the U.S. about their diets and eating habits. Many of the people he came across were overweight and developing diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, or sorosis of the liver due to weight issues.

On his journey, he met a truck driver who was severely obese and needed a lot of help. Eventually the man took him up on his offer to help and he to went on a 60-day juice fast. Both men lost over 100lb and maintained a plant-based lifestyle. Want to understand nutrition a bit better and gain some inspiration? Watch this movie! And...For the love of yourself, go vegan!

Vegucated (can be watched for free on hulu)

This movie lays down all of the guidelines of veganism clearly and simply. If you aren't familiar with what vegan implies or don't know how to pronounce "VEGAN," this ones for you! This also teaches you good meat and dairy substitutes, which I like to say are for beginner-vegans. There is an avid meat-eating family who goes vegan under the supervision of the woman who created the documentary. They take a trip to the slaughterhouse and feel very inspired to stick to plant based foods. In addition to that, they lose weight and lower their blood pressure.

*I would like to note that many of the meat and dairy substitutes they show in the movie are not necessarily healthy to my standards, but they are much healthier than many things that are common for SAD (standard American diet) eaters. The principle of veganism is to suck less by doing the least harm to the earth and those who occupy it. Just because you are vegan doesn't mean you have to be a health nut! You too, can go vegan FOR THE ANIMALS! AND THE ENVIRONMENT! Did you know that 80% of deforestation is caused by factory farming and that the amount of CO2 gasses expended by factory farms adds up to more than that emitted from all cars in the world? Come on...that has to make you want to suck less, right?

Earthlings (can be watched for free on YouTube) <--click here to watch

Wanna know where your meat comes from? Probably not, but this ones for everyone! This will show you why you should GO VEGAN FOR THE ANIMALS! Making its argument around speciesism, this documentary covers dairy cows, slaughter for beef, slaughter for pork, debeaking of chicks, fur farms, circus performance animals, animal testing for science, Indian leather, seafood, and more. This is something everyone should watch to really rethink what you've been taught or raised to do. Exploited animals need a voice, so do your part and spread this awareness and if you haven't already stopped eating meat and dairy, hopefully this will make you find it easier to stop.

I cried and was upset the whole day and found it more difficult to walk into the grocery store than usual. If you watch this documentary and don't shed at least one tear, the government has succeeded in desensitizing you.

I challenge you to share this YouTube video link with at least 5 people by texting/tweeting or by posting to your Instagram/Facebook/tumblr pages. If you do, tell me this weekend at Harvest fest and you will get a special gift! (Only 3 are available)

Next we are watching Forks over Knives and Fed Up!

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