That's So RAW

Raw Vegan and Vegan Wellness Catering based in Little Rock, AR.


That’s so RAW, LLC is a new organization in Little Rock, Arkansas founded by Kendalyn Mckisick and Natashia Burch. Our number one goal is to cure illness and disease with food, share knowledge about benefits of real food, and help people reach their goals of overall health and wellness. We advocate strict plant-based diets and we also advocate fully raw diets, but we do know that there are levels to “eating right." We are not simply an organization of plant-based chefs, we are a group of people passionate about this lifestyle and want to bring the food revolution to a food desert like Little Rock. Not only are we vegan for physical and spiritual health, we are vegan for ethical and environmental reasons as well. In a world of unsuccessful dieters and animal cruelty in the meat and dairy industry, we want to say “save the animals to save your own life.” Become educated. Become aware. Become you.

Kendalyn Mckisick, 25, is a self-taught chef and nutritionist. She was raised in Little Rock, Arkansas and received her Bachelors of Fine Art in both Studio Art with an emphasis in Sculpture and English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. She still resides in central Arkansas after declining an opportunity to attend University of Alaska, Fairbanks to pursue an MFA in Poetry. She is currently paving a way for all of her passions to meet. She started that's so RAW, LLC in June of 2014 with the encouragement and assistance of Burch. Now she is poised to engage people about health and nutrition through social media and being active in the community. As of August 2015, she resides in Fairbanks pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing.

Natashia Burch, 32, is an Arkansas transplant native to Texas. After spending a short stint in the United States Air Force at Little Rock Air Force Base, feeling a draw she returned to Arkansas and earned her Bachelors of Arts in Liberal Arts from The University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Passionate about positive communication and public health, she pursued a Masters of Arts degree in Applied Communication Studies. Poised for graduation in December  2015, she is busy working on her final Master's Paper.  When she is not focused on school, she spends her time managing that's so RAW, LLC with Mckisick.  While That's so Raw is on haitus she does occasional cooking demonstrations.